Is Coinbase Vault Safe?

As more people turn to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as a long-term investment, the need for secure storage solutions has become increasingly important. Coinbase, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, offers it in the form of Coinbase Vault. But is Coinbase Vault safe? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the security measures that Coinbase has put in place to protect your digital assets.

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is widely regarded as the leading Bitcoin broker globally, with a customer base spanning more than 30 countries. Among these countries, the US, UK, and Brazil stand out for having the largest number of customers. With over 4 million users worldwide, Coinbase has established itself as a trusted and highly respected platform for trading cryptocurrencies.

Originally launched in 2012 as part of Y Combinator, Coinbase has since evolved into a well-established and reputable trading platform that offers a wide range of digital assets. Its success is a testament to the quality of its services and its commitment to providing a seamless and secure user experience.

US consumers have multiple options to buy and sell Bitcoin, such as connected bank accounts, SEPA transfers, PayPal accounts, and Interac Online. At first, this cryptocurrency exchange operated as a broker, selling Bitcoins directly to clients. Coinbase, which eventually rebranded as Coinbase Pro, introduced GDAX in May 2016 as a worldwide platform to trade digital assets.

Is Coinbase Vault Safe?

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Yes, people often ask about this option since it’s so widely used for buying Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. Coinbase is an extremely secure platform. The company has made significant investments in securing its vaults, all to minimize the chances of any losses. Additionally, the fact that the company has established ties with major banks means that its investments are further secured.

The San Francisco cryptocurrency exchange has secured over $75 million since its start, making it one of the most secure virtual currency brokers worldwide.

Compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase is relatively safe and so is Coinbase Vault. This secure crypto exchange complies with all the standard security protocols that we expect.

The majority of its cryptocurrency is stored in secure cold wallets, and it offers the option to enable 2-Factor Authentication. Additionally, withdrawals to new addresses are paused for 48 hours and notifications are sent if a withdrawal to a new address occurs.

Coinbase Vault Vs Cold Storage

Aligning your financial resources with their designated objectives is essential. We keep cash on hand and in both checking and savings accounts for situations like this. Coinbase’s users can store their funds in their regular primary balance or in a vault that is part of their Coinbase account.

You can deposit cryptocurrency in a vault like any other account balance, but it also allows you to add extra security measures to prevent immediate withdrawals.

Some special features are that firstly, trusted individuals can be invited by users to co-sign withdrawals, requiring their approval of a transaction before completion. And secondly, their creation, vaults also undergo a secure withdrawal approval process. Any withdrawals made from the vault without prior approval will be cancelled within 24 hours.

Cold Wallet

To store bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies offline, a cold wallet is commonly used. A cold wallet, also referred to as cold storage, stores a digital wallet on an offline platform to protect it from unauthorized access, cyber-attacks, and other vulnerabilities that come with online systems.

Cold wallet is required because if a traditional bank’s checking, savings, or credit card account is compromised, the bank can refund the lost or stolen money to the account holder. If your cryptocurrency account or wallet experiences a security breach and your tokens are stolen, you cannot recover them.

The lack of central bank or government backing is the primary cause for most digital currencies to be decentralized. Crypto investors need to be aware of the security measures required to safeguard their tokens. Consequently, a safe and secure storage solution is essential for storing both bitcoins and altcoins. We now know whether Coinbase vault safe or not.

How are Crypto Vaults different from Others?

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Crypto vaults have distinct characteristics such as a withdrawal delay and approval process, as well as other subtle variations in comparison to conventional cryptocurrency storage methods.

Let’s look at the differences between vaults and other wallets:

1. Vault vs Cold Wallet

Similar to cold wallets, vaults function offline and are impervious to hacking attacks, thereby offering unparalleled security. Unlike hard wallets, there’s no private key required to access vaults. Therefore, if you lose your private key or the drive itself, you won’t lose access to your funds entirely.

2. Vault vs Hot Wallet

Our crypto vault stores your assets offline, securely protecting them from cyber threats. Hot wallets are susceptible to hacking, making it necessary to undertake a considerable security upgrade to protect your private keys. Online trading balances are usually kept by investors while the remaining balance is transferred to a cold wallet or vault for secure storage.

3. Vault vs Bitcoin Vault

Bitcoin Vault is a more advanced cryptocurrency with a 3-key security system that permits withdrawals to be undone in 24 hours. Conversely, a crypto vault can work with any currency. Certain vaults are tailored for a particular currency, whereas others, such as Coinbase, cater to all varieties of cryptocurrencies.

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What are some Security Techniques for Coinbase?

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After comparing Coinbase vault vs cold storage and answering is Coinbase vault safe for users, here are some security practices that can minimize the risk.

1. Cold Wallets

More than 98% of Coinbase’s cryptocurrency is stored in cold wallets that remain disconnected from the internet. If the exchange were to be hacked, the maximum amount of crypto that could be lost is 2 per cent or less. This helps safeguard the exchange from bankruptcy in case of an attack, increasing the possibility of reimbursing you when necessary.

2. Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) provides an extra layer of security in addition to email verification and your account password. Once you enable 2FA, you’ll need to enter the corresponding code every time you execute certain actions on the crypto platform.

3. Email

If you try to withdraw to a different address, Coinbase will pause the process for 48 hours and inform you of the request. By setting this up, you can be ready to respond if someone gains access to your account without your permission.

4. Security

At Coinbase, users are protected by standard online security protocols to mitigate risks. To safeguard against cross-site request forgery (CSRF) security risks, SSL (HTTPS) is employed for every page and SQL injection filters are utilized. As an additional security measure, all passwords are hashed using bcrypt.

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Coinbase Vault Fees

Coinbase Vault is a secure way to store digital assets offline, away from potential hacks and theft. While there are no fees to deposit or withdraw assets to/from a Coinbase Vault, there are additional fees for using this service. Coinbase charges a 0.05% fee per month on the value of assets stored in a Vault, which is deducted from the assets held in the Vault. Now you know about Coin base Vault fees.

However, this fee is prorated and charged daily, so customers only pay for the days their assets are stored in the Vault. Additionally, there may be fees associated with transferring assets into and out of the Vault, depending on the asset and the network it operates on. We have already answered is Coinbase vault safe or not, so now let us shift focus to Coinbase Vault withdrawal process.

Coinbase Vault Withdrawal

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To withdraw funds from Coinbase Commerce, simply login to your Coinbase vault and select the desired cryptocurrency from the Balances section. It’s a safe option, according to what we’ve read. Then, select the withdrawal option. A pop-up window will appear, asking you how much money you want to withdraw and where you want the funds to be transferred.

As of now, Coinbase Commerce only accepts cryptocurrency. Coinbase vault fees are simply free, and it does not provide an option to link your bank account with your Commerce account directly.

You have the ability to withdraw your cryptocurrency directly to your linked Coinbase account. After that, you have the option to turn your crypto into cash and take out the money via a bank account that is connected to the platform.

However, there is a network withdrawal fee applicable. To convert and withdraw your cryptocurrency to cash, there is a 1% fee in addition to the standard network fees. If you want your transaction to be processed by the decentralized cryptocurrency network, you must pay a network fee.

The sender bears the responsibility of covering the network fees linked to the transaction. Every blockchain has its own digital currency used as payment for network fees.

When we talk about Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), we are referring to the cryptocurrency itself as well as the underlying network that supports it. Coinbase doesn’t receive these fees; they go to cryptocurrency miners as a reward for safeguarding the network and adding your transaction to the blockchain.

For any Coinbase vault withdrawal, there is a minimum amount which can be withdrawn that falls under $0.10 cents.

How does Coinbase Vault operate?

Keep a reasonable number of tokens in a hot wallet or exchange if you intend to trade or transact with them frequently. This would keep the Coinbase vault safe in cold storage for long-term storage.

Compared to a safe deposit box that requires a key and is difficult to access, bank accounts offer easier money access and transfer.

Your assets in Coinbase vault are extremely secure as 98% of them are stored offline in safe deposit boxes and vaults located around the world. We know that Coin base vault fees are not applicable. Moreover, Coinbase Vault emphasizes the need for waiting periods before withdrawals and allows users to improve withdrawal approval security.

Coinbase Vault can be shared with multiple individuals. If your co-own cryptocurrency, you can create procedures to prevent one person from taking tokens without the consent of other authorized individuals.

How to withdraw Assets from My Wallet in Coinbase?

Coinbase vault withdrawal is done by simple steps. Access your portfolio on and click on the Vault option after that click Withdraw. Indicate the amount of cryptocurrency you desire to withdraw from your vault.

You will be receiving an email with approval details that you must authorize. If there are multiple owners of the vault, approval notifications will be dispatched to their respective email accounts. Approval of the request is necessary from either you, your co-owners or both.

After being granted approval, a 48-hour waiting period is necessary. After the waiting period, the crypto you stored in the vault will be released and deposited into your Coinbase account.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Coinbase Vault

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Coinbase Vault is a great solution if you hold a lot of cryptocurrencies but don’t want the responsibility of managing your own cold storage or paper wallet. A vault is an excellent tool for securely storing digital assets with a high value for the long term.


  • To ensure the security of your digital assets, it’s best to store them offline instead of in an exchange account or hot wallet.
  • Approval from fellow co-owners is necessary to withdraw assets in order to deter any one person from taking control of all assets.
  • Helps to store the assets for the long term.
  • Make your digital asset storage hassle-free by eliminating the need to manage your own cold storage or paper wallet.


  • It can be challenging to retrieve assets that are kept in the vault.
  • With digital storage, you do not have as much control as with a paper wallet or your customized cold storage.
  • This is restricted to the tokens that are currently available on Coinbase.

Coinbase Vault is a secure option for those looking to store their cryptocurrency holdings. Its multi-signature feature and offline storage add an extra layer of protection to prevent unauthorized access to your funds.

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However, it is important to note that no storage method is completely foolproof, and there is always a risk of hacking or other security breaches. Therefore, it is crucial to take additional precautions, such as using strong passwords and enabling two-factor authentication. As with any investment, it is essential to conduct your own research and make informed decisions to minimize potential risks.

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