Most Expensive Dresses Ever Made

In the world of fashion, some dresses grab global attention due to their style as well as astounding cost. They capture the true essence of luxury and extravagance. In this article, we have compiled a list of the most expensive dresses ever made, acting as symbols of wealth and prestige. These masterpieces showcase the creativity and talent of designers, leaving a lasting mark in fashion industry.

Most Expensive Dresses Ever Made

The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive. – Coco Chanel

Well, this is quite true, if you are into fashion. Exquisite craftsmanship and opulent design characterize some of the most luxurious couture creations, albeit with a price tag that places them beyond the reach of most. While the pinnacle of expensive dresses may not be accessible to everyone, their iconic status cannot be denied. These dresses often command staggering prices, equivalent to the cost of a house or a car. Curious to explore the epitome of extravagance in the world of fashion? Here’s a glimpse into some of the most exorbitant dresses ever created.

1. The Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur

20 Most Expensive Dresses Celebrities Have Ever Worn
  • Cost: $30M
  • Designer: Faisal Abdullah

The Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur is a truly exceptional creation, valued at an estimated $30 million, a testament to both the lavish materials employed and the renowned Malaysian designer behind it, Faisal Abdullah. This extraordinary gown boasts a luxurious crimson hue that complements various skin tones, eyes, and hair colors.

Crafted from sumptuous taffeta and silk, the dress features a single shoulder design, tightly cinched at the waist, with the fabric gracefully bunching near the thighs before flaring out like a bird’s tail. However, the true enchantment of this masterpiece lies in its exquisite detailing – 750 of the finest diamonds meticulously embroidered in a constellation-like pattern, elevating the gown to unparalleled opulence.

2. Martin Katz & Renee Strauss Wedding Dress

  • Cost: $16.2M
  • Designer: Martin Katz and Renee Strauss

Renowned for crafting some of the world’s most opulent wedding dresses, the Diamond Wedding Dress stands as the second most expensive gown globally and claims the top spot for wedding attire. In a collaborative masterpiece by Martin Katz and Renee Strauss in 2019, this dress exudes regality through its use of the finest silks and gemstones. Distinguished by padded shoulders, a diamond necklace-inspired neckline, and Edwardian designs, the gown exudes an air of royalty.

However, its true magnificence lies in the over 150 carats of exquisite diamonds meticulously embedded throughout the garment. To put this in perspective, a premium 4-carat loose diamond can command a staggering $100,000. With the equivalent value of approximately 37 of these precious gems, the Diamond Wedding Dress is currently available for purchase at Martin Katz’s boutique in Beverly Hills.

3. Hany El Behairy Wedding Dress

  • Cost: $15M
  • Designer: Hany El Behairy

Renowned for his opulent wedding dresses and designs, Hany El Behairy gained global acclaim with the unveiling of “The Wedding Dress” in 2019. Crafted meticulously from top-tier silks, the gown captivates from bodice to hem. The star-shaped veil accompanying the dress offers a unique yet subtly traditional touch, breaking the mold while honoring conventions.

The gown is a spectacle, showcasing intricate detailing and adorned with exquisite jewels, including diamonds. Valued at over 15 million dollars, its elaborately designed torso is a dazzling display of luxury. Hany El Behairy’s creation transcends the ordinary, inviting admiration for its fusion of freshness and tradition, making it a must-see masterpiece in the world of high-end bridal fashion.

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4. Queen Letizia’s Royal Wedding Dress

  • Cost: $10.7M
  • Designer: Manuel Pertegaz

The latest addition to the lineage of royal brides features a breathtaking high-end wedding gown, stealing the spotlight effortlessly. Following Queen Letizia’s 2004 royal wedding, her bridal ensemble sparked weeks of fervent discussions, earning its place in the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive royal wedding dress.

The gown boasts a classic bridal silhouette with a V-neckline, full sleeves, a sweeping train, and an intricately embroidered skirt adorned with exquisite gold thread rose designs, showcasing unparalleled craftsmanship. While the bodice maintains simplicity, the 14-foot veil adds grandeur, securing its status as one of the longest veils at that time. Queen Letizia’s timeless and opulent attire continues to captivate as a symbol of regal elegance.

5. Yumi Katsura White Gold Diamond Dress

  • Cost: $8.5M
  • Designer: Yumi Katsura

Renowned for her extravagant bridal gowns, Yumi Katsura’s White Gold Dress stands among the world’s top five most expensive wedding creations. Crafted from opulent silk and satin adorned with intricate rose designs, this one-of-a-kind gown surpasses the $8.5 million mark. Its exorbitant price is attributed not only to the finest materials but also to the inclusion of a 5-carat white gold diamond, numerous smaller diamonds, an emerald, and nearly 1000 premium pearls intricately sewn into the fabric.

While replicas exist, the original remains an unparalleled masterpiece sought after by affluent brides worldwide. Japanese designers, particularly Yumi Katsura, continue to attract the most discerning clientele for their exceptional and opulent wedding attire.

6. Marilyn Monroe’s Happy Birthday, Mr. President Dress

  • Cost: $4.8M
  • Designer: Bob Mackie

If you’re a regular viewer of the Met Gala, you may recall Kim Kardashian’s stunning choice in 2022 – she graced the event in Marilyn Monroe’s renowned dress. This gown, auctioned for a staggering $4.8 million in 2019, stands as an epitome of American couture. Marilyn famously wore it on John F. Kennedy’s birthday, captivating audiences with her rendition of “Happy Birthday, Mr. President.”

The skin-tight beige ensemble, designed to accentuate the waist, neck, and thighs, became an instant sensation, especially given its TV broadcast. Adorned with 2,500 rhinestones, the dress exudes elegance and became one of Monroe’s final iconic fashion statements before her untimely demise in August 1962.

7. Marilyn Monroe’s The Seven Year Itch Subway Dress

The Seven Year Itch (4/5) Movie CLIP - A Delicious Breeze (1955) HD
  • Cost: $4.6M
  • Designer: William Travilla

The iconic moment featuring Marilyn Monroe’s white pleated dress billowing up in the air is a memorable scene from the renowned romantic comedy “The Seven Year Itch,” released in 1955. The brief subway sequence has transcended its cinematic origins, becoming a pervasive element in pop culture. Crafted by designer William Travilla, the dress, affectionately dubbed “The Silly Little Dress,” is a modest halter neck ensemble with a flowing skirt, lacking extravagant embellishments.

Despite its simple design, the dress has attained a staggering $4.6 million cult status, primarily attributed to Monroe’s allure and the indelible impact of the scene. This cinematic fashion moment continues to captivate audiences and inspire reinterpretations across various media.

8. Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar Dress

  • Cost: $4M
  • Designer: Raff Simmons

The 2013 Academy Awards will forever be etched in memory, not only for Jennifer Lawrence’s infamous trip while ascending the steps to claim her Oscar but also for her striking Raff Simons dress, a standout at the event. Beyond the mishap, it was the opulent off-white gown that garnered attention.

Evoking a fairy tale aura, the top of the dress is snug to the hips before cascading into a billowy and voluminous silhouette. Priced at a staggering $4 million, the dress’s exorbitance isn’t attributed to the finest silk or fabric but rather to the intricate hand-stitched embroidery and lavish embellishments, underscoring its true worth.

9. Nicole Kidman’s Oscar Chartreuse Dior Dress

  • Cost: $2M
  • Designer: John Galliano

Uncommon on red carpets, chartreuse green stands out among the typical bottle greens and mint greens. At the 69th Academy Awards, Nicole Kidman made a bold statement donning a chartreuse green gown designed by John Galliano of Dior. The unique hue, rarely seen at formal events, sparked conversations among fashion enthusiasts. The column-style dress, featuring a bateau neckline and a high side slit, was crafted from opulent silk adorned with intricate embroidery.

Valued at $2 million, this gown, recognized by the Smithsonian Institution as a significant garment, marked a revolutionary moment in red carpet fashion. Kidman’s daring choice became a topic of discussion, elevating the status of chartreuse green in the world of formal attire.

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10. Peacock Wedding Dress

  • Cost: $2M
  • Designer: Vera Wang

Vera Wang, renowned for her iconic bridal gowns characterized by flowing designs and princess-like allure, took a surprising departure from her signature style in 2009 with the creation of the Peacock Wedding Dress. Unveiled at Nanjing’s wedding expo, this extraordinary gown left the fashion industry in awe. Valued at $2 million, it defied conventions with its opulent materials: 2009 peacock feathers, 18-carat gold, and large diamonds.

Crafted in a mere two months, the dress showcased the meticulous work of 8 artisans who intricately sewed on the feathers, jewels, and embellishments. This masterpiece not only shattered the confines of traditional bridal wear but also claimed its place among the world’s most expensive dresses, rewriting the rules of elegance and luxury.

11. Danasha Luxury X Jad Ghandour Wedding Dress

  • Cost: $2M
  • Designer: Danasha Luxury and Jad Ghandour

Contemporary brides often opt for elegant simplicity over extravagant bridal attire. Crafted by Danasha Luxury and Jad Ghandour, this wedding dress embodies modern sophistication while being subtly adorned with the finest silks and gems. Priced at $2 million, the silver-gray gown boasts a flowing silhouette and a shoulder-baring neckline.

Constructed with 250 grams of 18-carat gold, 75 carats of meticulously chosen Antwerp diamonds, and various other precious gemstones, this dress not only exudes understated charm but also stands as a remarkable work of art. In contrast to the opulent preferences of some brides, this dress caters to the taste of contemporary women seeking refined luxury on their special day.

12. Lupita Nyong’O Oscar Dress

  • Cost: $1.6M
  • Designer: Francisco Costa

Lupita Nyong’O, an emerging luminary in the film realm, transformed the industry with her remarkable portrayal in “12 Years a Slave,” earning her an Academy Award in 2014. The subsequent year, she graced the Oscars’ red carpet to present the Best Supporting Actor category adorned in a breathtaking Calvin Klein creation. This mesmerizing gown boasted over 6000 meticulously sewn pearls of various shapes and sizes, arranged with artistic precision.

Crafted by designer Francisco Costa, the dress featured silk lame and metallic tulle, imparting a captivating allure. Complementing the ensemble, Nyong’O carried a Calvin Klein box handbag, and Chopard diamonds added a final touch of opulence. The sheer elegance of this garment is reflected in its substantial value.

13. Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s Dress

Top 10 Most Iconic Audrey Hepburn & Givenchy Looks
  • Cost: $923,000
  • Designer: Givenchy

Undoubtedly, Audrey Hepburn stands as one of the most iconic actresses in cinematic history, with her indelible mark made through the legendary breakfast at Tiffany’s Dress from the 20th century. Crafted by Givenchy, this iconic black dress, valued at nearly $1 million, remains a beacon of timeless style and has inspired countless trends.

Worn by Hepburn in the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the form-fitting dress, complemented by lavish jewelry, black gloves, coffee, and a croissant, has become a symbol of sophistication. Its influence persists as contemporary designers, such as Clare Waight Keller, Alexander McQueen, and Tisci, continually draw inspiration from this classic ensemble, solidifying its status as one of the most expensive and revered dresses globally.

14. Grace Kelly’s Wedding Dress

  • Cost: $550,000
  • Designer: Helen Rose of MGM

Grace Kelly, an Oscar-winning and nominated American actress, left an indelible mark not only in the film industry but also as a fashion icon. Her iconic wedding gown transcended its role, becoming a timeless source of inspiration for bridal fashion. Notably, Kate Middleton’s Sarah Burton-designed wedding dress drew inspiration from Kelly’s timeless elegance. The enchanting gown, a gift from MGM’s Helen Rose, showcased a fitted bodice, silk, and taffeta skirt adorned with pearls.

Featuring a V-neckline, lace full sleeves, and a three-foot-long train, the dress became a symbol of sophistication when Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956. Grace Kelly’s influence extends far beyond the silver screen, leaving an enduring legacy in the realms of both cinema and fashion.

15. Imperial Pearl Syndicate Wedding Dress

  • Cost: $500,000
  • Designer:

The Imperial Pearl Syndicate Bridal Dress stands out among contemporary wedding gowns, capturing attention with its timeless allure. Valued at an astonishing $500,000, this dress has etched its place in the history of bridal attire. Crafted in the 1950s, the creation of this masterpiece required the expertise of eight skilled dressmakers, two months of meticulous work, and an impressive 27 pounds of the finest satin and silk.

What truly sets it apart are the 100,000 cultured pearls intricately stitched into the fabric, adding a priceless touch to this extraordinary garment. A symbol of opulence and elegance, this dress remains an unforgettable testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of its era.

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16. Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

  • Cost: $400,000
  • Designer: Sarah Burton and Alexander McQueen

In yet another dazzling royal wedding, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, stole the spotlight with a breathtaking gown that left onlookers in awe. Renowned designer Sarah Burton, associated with Alexander McQueen, was the mastermind behind Middleton’s iconic wedding dress in 2011. The future duchess looked resplendent in a duchess satin gown adorned with a lengthy train and a delicate tulle veil.

The dress’s standout features included a graceful V-neckline, intricate lace full sleeves, and elegantly padded shoulders. Notably, Kate Middleton’s royal wedding attire stands out as one of the most opulent dresses ever worn by a bride within the royal family, exemplifying timeless sophistication and regal allure.

17. Princess Diana’s President Reagan White House Dinner Party Dress

  • Cost: $362,000
  • Designer: Victor Edelstein

Princess Diana, an enduring style icon, captivated the world with her fashion choices, be it her wedding gown or a soirée ensemble for a White House event. In 1985, she graced a dinner hosted by then-US President Ronald Reagan and his wife in a stunning blue velvet dress designed by Victor Edelstein.

The gown, featuring a daring plunging neckline, became iconic, etching Diana’s charm into collective memory. Notably, the form-fitting attire and choker necklace she sported while dancing with John Travolta at the White House continued to be a topic of conversation for years. The dress went up for auction in 1997 and once again in 2019, reaffirming its timeless allure.

18. Amal Clooney’s Wedding Dress

  • Cost: $280,000
  • Designer: Oscar De La Renta

Human rights attorney Amal Alamuddin Clooney envisioned a romantic and dreamy wedding with George Clooney, and the renowned Oscar De La Renta stole the spotlight with a stunning and refined wedding gown. The off-shoulder design, intricately embroidered body, tulle veil, and embellished train created a fairy tale-inspired masterpiece.

Now showcased at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas, this iconic wedding dress is a highlight of the exhibition titled “The Glamour And Romance Of Oscar De La Renta.” The exhibit captures the allure and elegance of De La Renta’s creations, showcasing his timeless contributions to the world of fashion and romance.

19. Paris Hilton’s Hollywood Beauty Awards Dress

Paris Hilton 2017 Hollywood Beauty Awards
  • Cost: $270,000
  • Designer: August Getty

Paris Hilton, renowned for her diverse business ventures and presence in New York Fashion Weeks, epitomizes opulence. At the 2017 Hollywood Beauty Awards, she donned a breathtaking August Getty gown while receiving the Fragrance of the Year award for her Gold Rush scent.

Valued nearly as much as the average U.S. home at the time, this gown featured a thigh-high slit and plunging neckline, taking over 8 months to meticulously craft. The epitome of luxury, the dress boasted 500,000 Swarovski crystals meticulously embedded by a team of 5 craftsmen. Paris Hilton’s fashion choices consistently reflect her extravagant lifestyle, making this gown one of the world’s most expensive dresses.

20. Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dress

  • Cost: $265,000
  • Designer: Givenchy

The mention of extravagant dresses inevitably brings to mind the unforgettable royal wedding gown worn by Meghan Markle in 2018 during her marriage to Prince Harry. Designed by Clare Waight Keller during her tenure at Givenchy, this iconic dress captivated the fashion world with its simplicity and elegance.

Crafted from the finest silks in Europe, the gown featured double-bonded silk, a triple-silk organza underskirt, and a breathtaking 16.5-foot silk tulle veil. The veil, adorned with 53 flowers symbolizing the Commonwealth nations, required 500 hours of meticulous craftsmanship. Paired with the Queen Mary’s Bandeau Diamond Tiara, this ensemble showcased a perfect blend of sophistication and regality, leaving an indelible mark on the history of royal fashion.

21. Cate Blanchett’s Dress

  • Cost: $250,000
  • Designer: Armani Prive

The Oscars serve as a prime stage for fashion scrutiny, and Cate Blanchett has earned the coveted title of best-dressed at the Academy Awards not once, but twice. At the 79th Academy Awards in 2007, she graced the red carpet in a stunning gunmetal-colored silky Armani Privé gown. This extravagant ensemble, a one-shoulder Swarovski crystal mesh gown, was chosen on the spot, capturing the essence of the event’s opulence.

The red and green hues dominating the Paris Fashion Week at Armani inspired her choice. Cate wisely kept her makeup and hair understated, ensuring all attention was directed to this masterpiece—a dress of unparalleled luxury and one of her most expensive wardrobe investments.

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22. Princess Diana’s Cannes Dress

  • Cost: $137,000
  • Designer: Catherine Walker

Princess Diana graced the La Croisette red carpet at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival in a stunning baby blue evening gown, now a timeless classic in the realm of evening wear. This exquisite creation was by her close friend and collaborator Catherine Walker. Diana adorned this silk chiffon masterpiece on two additional occasions—an opera debut and a portrait session.

The dress featured a graceful tulle silhouette, a scarf artfully draped at the back to mimic a train, and a cinched waist—a homage to Grace Kelly’s iconic ensemble in “To Catch a Thief.” The connection between Princess Diana and Grace Kelly was profound, their bond evident through multiple meetings and shared admiration for each other’s style.

23. Audrey Hepburn’s Oscar Dress

  • Cost: $131,000
  • Designer: Givenchy

In 1954, the iconic Audrey Hepburn, celebrated for her stellar acting and renowned as one of the globe’s best-dressed stars, earned an Academy Award nomination for her role in “Sabrina.” Dazzling on the red carpet, she wore a legendary Givenchy tea-length dress adorned with white lace and a floral motif. This garment is hailed as one of the most timeless and expensive dresses from the 20th century.

Designed by Hubert de Givenchy, who affectionately called Hepburn his sister, the dress featured a bateau neckline, a cinched waist, and a sleeveless silhouette. Their creative partnership extended, with Hepburn gracing multiple films in Givenchy ensembles, cementing their collaborative legacy.

24. Charlize Theron’s Oscar Dress

Charlize Theron On Her Timeless & Trendy Red Carpet Looks | Fashion Flashback | Harper's BAZAAR
  • Cost: $100,000
  • Designer: Christian Dior

Charlize Theron is celebrated for her adaptable acting prowess and an unassuming fashion sense. At the 2013 Academy Awards, the distinguished actress graced the red carpet in a Dior couture white strapless peplum dress. The gown, characterized by its clean lines and a subtle train, beautifully enhanced Theron’s presence.

With angular accents and crystal embellishments adorning the waist, the tailored dress exuded an understated elegance. To complete her look, Theron adorned herself with breathtaking Harry Winston diamond jewelry valued at an impressive $4 million. This ensemble showcased not only her sartorial finesse but also her ability to effortlessly merge sophistication with simplicity on the glamorous red carpet.

25. Kate Winslets’ Oscar Dress

  • Cost: $100,000
  • Designer: Valentino

Choosing mint green for an Academy Awards gown isn’t the typical red-carpet choice, but sometimes a bold move pays off. Kate Winslet demonstrated this at the 2007 Oscars when she opted for a lustrous mint green Valentino gown. The dress featured a captivating single-shoulder design, enhancing its feminine allure and showcasing a flattering, figure-hugging silhouette.

Kate’s minimalistic approach to accessories, limited to a golden clutch, added a touch of sophistication to the ensemble. Interestingly, the unconventional choice had a personal touch—Kate revealed that her 7-year-old daughter Mia was the mastermind behind selecting this exquisite and notably expensive dress.

26. Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Dress

  • Cost: $80,000
  • Designer: Valentino

The 2011 Academy Awards at the Kodak Centre marked a significant moment for Anne Hathaway, as she took on the role of co-host for the evening, despite not being a nominee. Her remarkable presence was complemented by a series of eight distinct outfits, ranging from Armani Prive to Givenchy and Oscar de la Renta. However, it was the breathtaking red strapless gown by Valentino that stole the spotlight.

The dress, adorned with delicate rose details and a gracefully bunched-up train, imparted a fairy-tale allure, showcasing Anne Hathaway’s timeless style and youthful elegance. To complete the ensemble, she chose a classic Tiffany & Co. diamond necklace, adding a touch of sophistication to the unforgettable evening.

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27. Nicky Hilton Wedding Gown

  • Cost: $77,000
  • Designer: Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli

Nicky Hilton exchanged vows with James Rothschild in a lavish London ceremony, donning a bespoke lace-embroidered Valentino gown meticulously crafted by creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli. The American heiress enlisted Valentino to fashion her wedding attire, resulting in a one-of-a-kind creation using three hues of ivory and silver guipure, adorned with a sprinkling of hand-embroidered crystals.

Boasting a majestic three-meter train and an antique lace veil, the gown evoked the timeless elegance of royal brides such as Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly. Complementing her ensemble, the hotel heiress stepped into ivory Christian Louboutin pumps, personalized with the endearing inscription ‘Mrs Rothschild’ gracing the heels.

28. Elizabeth Taylor Wedding Gown

  • Cost: $62,500
  • Designer: Gina Fratini

In 1975, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton remarried in Botswana, epitomizing the free-spirited 1970s. Elizabeth donned a striking Gina Fratini creation – a tie-dye dress showcasing the entire rainbow spectrum. Crafted from silk chiffon with an ombré effect transitioning from light emerald to vibrant pink and pastel yellow, the focal point was a patchwork bodice, a mosaic of silk dupioni diamonds in green, turquoise, blue, and orange.

Adorned with green embroidered ribbons, the empire-waisted silhouette featured a high front neckline, contrasting with a lower back, enhancing the dramatic drape and angel sleeves. Completing the boho look was an updo adorned with poetic ribbons and flowers. This iconic dress fetched $62,500 at a London auction in 2011.

29. Keely Shaye Smith Wedding Gown

  • Cost: $60,000
  • Designer: Richard Tylor

In 2001, when Keely Shaye Smith exchanged vows with Pierce Brosnan, she adorned herself in a stunning high-necked lace gown reminiscent of Princess Grace’s, crafted by designer Richard Tylor. The exquisite ensemble featured long lace sleeves, complemented by pearl drop earrings. Keely elegantly secured her dark locks in a half-up style, serving as the perfect anchor for her flowing veil. The luxurious wedding of this captivating couple captured headlines for an extended period, showcasing their undeniable beauty and style.

30. Sandra Bullock’s Oscar Dress

Sandra Bullock on the Story Behind Her Oscar Dress | People
  • Cost: $40,000
  • Designer: Alexander McQueen

Nominated for an Academy Award for her portrayal of Dr. Ryan Stone in “Gravity,” Sandra Bullock stunned at the 2014 Oscars red carpet at the age of 49. The actress turned heads in a striking dark blue strapless gown, a creation by Alexander McQueen. The elegant ensemble featured a sweetheart neckline, a gathered front, and a sleek, form-fitting silhouette that subtly gathered just below the bust.

Undoubtedly one of the evening’s highlights, the dress earned its place among the best outfits of the night, capturing widespread attention. Notably, this Alexander McQueen masterpiece ranks as the 27th most expensive dress in the world, adding another layer of distinction to Bullock’s memorable red-carpet moment.

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The world has seen the creation of some fashionable and expensive dresses. The price tags attached to them highlight the value placed on the artistry and exclusivity involved with them.

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