What is Average Salary in India? (2020)

Do you know how much does a person working in India earns? Do you have any idea about the average salary in India in 2022? The average monthly salary is around ₹16,000. If you found this shocking then read this article to find out more about how does India compares to other developed nations in average salaries, what is the hourly wage, what is the earning percentage, and salary comparison by cities.

Indian Economy has been showing signs of growth turnaround as India is still one of the leading countries in Asia for average salary increase. Also, it is paramount for your career to know about the average salary for a specific job, for the country that you are residing in. Salaries vary immensely between different job profiles.

Salaries to a great extent depend on education, city, gender, age, experience and obviously the country too. According to the research done by the experts, it was reported that 57% of regular Indian employees earn less than Rs.10, 000.

What is the average salary in India?

Before we talk about the average salary in India let’s have a look at what is the average salary of the world. The world is divided into three categories. The first world is of developed countries and the third world is of developing countries.

Average Salary of the First world

  • Switzerland- 5458.40$
  • Singapore- 3377.33$
  • Norway- 3231.72$
  • United States- 3209.00$
  • Germany- 2521.94$
  • Japan-2531.01$

Average Salary of Second World

  • China- 4534$
  • Canada- 4433$
  • Greece- 2040 $
  • Poland- 1100$
  • Hungary- 1020$
  • Turkey- 420$

Average Salary of Third World (other than India)

  • Thailand- 631.40$
  • The Philippines- 292.47$
  • Egypt- 212.04$
  • Indonesia- 331.97$

This was about the average salary around the world, you must have got an idea about the average salary around the world and you would be able to compare it easily with India. We would now have a look at the average salary of India and how it has been rising over since a few years.

Average Salary in India

What is Average Salary in India? (2022)

The average salary in India has been rising year after year, which is good news for you. The minimum wage ranges from Rs.2, 250(minimum salary) to Rs.70,000 (maximum salary) a month for unskilled workers in various states. If we talk in dollars it would be around 300$.

The median salary is around Rs. 16,000 which states that half the population is earning less than this amount and half are earning more than Rs. 16,000. Everyone wants to be on the right side of the graph, earning more than Rs.16,000 of the median salary. The best part is that salary in 2019 is 2%higher than that in the year 2018.

There is a slow but continuous increase in pay since the last couple of years and in the coming year too.

The average salary in India is comparatively less when compared to the west but as it is persistently rising which is a good sign.

When we talk about the average salary, it is also vital for us to know about the average hourly wage in India, as it would give you a clearer picture about the economy and career growth in the country.

Average Hourly Wage in India

Hourly wage means the salary paid in on the working hour. Mostly, the jobs are categorized into two sections, one is salaries and second in hourly. In salary, you get a fixed income and in hourly jobs, you get paid according to per hour. For calculating average salary into hourly the formula used is:

Assume 5 working days in a week and 8 working hours every day and then we calculated the average hourly wage.

It has been reported that an average hourly wage for all jobs is around Rs.96, which means that in India a person on an average earns Rs.96 for each hour worked.

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Earning Percentage

Percentage of People Earn this salary or more
99% Rs. 118,710
97% Rs. 231,250
87% Rs.449,880
66% Rs.877,730
20% Rs.2,094,020
12% Rs.2,702,760
5% Rs.3,876,320

Salary Comparison By cities

City Average Salary
Agra 15,245 INR
Ahmadabad 18,849 INR
Bangalore 18,101 INR
Bhopal 16,546 INR
Chennai 17,691 INR
Coimbatore 15,685 INR
Delhi 19,094 INR
Ghaziabad 16,003 INR
Hyderabad 19,573 INR
Indore 16,702 INR
Jaipur 18,564 INR
Kanpur 17,116 INR
Kolkata 18,328 INR
Luckhnow 17,306 INR
Ludhiana 16,550 INR
Madurai 14,689 INR
Mumbai 19,172 INR
Nagpur 17,115 INR
Patna 15,385 INR
Pimpri-Chinchwad 16,658 INR
Pune 17,796 INR
Surat 18,333 INR
Vadodara 15,857 INR
Visakhapatnam 15,771 INR

Average Salary for different Jobs

Job Title Average Salary
Accountant 11,109 INR
Administrative Assistant 8,641 INR
Architect 14,812 INR
Attorney 23,658 INR
Biomedical Engineer 13,990 INR
CAD Drafter 12,344 INR
Cashier 9,258 INR
Chartered Accountant 14,195 INR
Chef 13,373 INR
Chief Executive Officer 37,031 INR
Chief Financial Officer 3,945 INR
Civil Engineer 14,812 INR
Computer Technician 12,549 INR
Creative Director 16,664 INR
Dentist 39,087 INR
Developer / Programmer 14,400 INR
Electrical Engineer 16,047 INR
Elementary School Teacher 11,314 INR
Engineer 14,812 INR
Executive Chef 14,400 INR
Flight Attendant 14,195 INR
General Manager 28,803 INR
Graphic Designer 11,314 INR
Hotel Manager 24,275 INR
Human Resources Manager 22,631 INR
Internal Auditor 16,869 INR
Journalist 16,047 INR
Legal Assistant 11,726 INR
Mechanical Engineer 16,047 INR
Nurse 12,961 INR
Pharmacist 18,516 INR
Photographer 11,109 INR
Pilot 19,545 INR
Police Officer 12,961 INR
Project Manager 18,516 INR
Receptionist 11,931 INR
Receptionist 9,053 INR
Sales Manager 25,717 INR
Sales Representative 10,697 INR
Secondary School Teacher 13,373 INR
Secretary 8,845 INR
Teacher 12,549 INR
Teller 11,109 INR
Travel Agent 13,373 INR
Waiter / Waitress 9,875 INR

Salary Comparison by State 

State Average Salary
Andaman & Nicobar Islands 14,350 INR
Andhra Pradesh 18,518 INR
Arunachal Pradesh 15,591 INR
Assam 17,862 INR
Bihar 19,963 INR
Chandigarh 14,944 INR
Chhattisgarh 17,568 INR
Dadra & Nagar Haveli 14,626 INR
Daman & Diu 14,292 INR
Delhi 17,098 INR
Goa 15,544 INR
Gujarat 18,881 INR
Haryana 17,325 INR
Himachal Pradesh 16,642 INR
Jammu & Kashmir 17,009 INR
Jharkhand 18,430 INR
Karnataka 19,152 INR
Kerala 18,291 INR
Lakshadweep 14,261 INR
Madhya Pradesh 19,738 INR
Maharashtra 20,110 INR
Manipur 16,422 INR
Meghalaya 16,262 INR
Mizoram 15,393 INR
Nagaland 16,117 INR
Orissa 18,793 INR
Pondicherry 15,617 INR
Punjab 18,119 INR
Rajasthan 19,738 INR
Sikkim 15,129 INR
Tamil Nadu 19,599 INR
Tripura 16,764 INR
Uttar Pradesh 20,729 INR
Uttaranchal 17,138 INR
West Bengal 20,213 INR
​This was about the average salary according to the states, cities and profession. This would have given you an exact picture of the salary in India and around the world. By now you very well know that where do we stand as a country and profession would provide you with more money.

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What would be the Future?

As mentioned above in the blog, that the average salary in India is increasingly growing year by year. Salary for a few sectors might remain the same and for few, it might boom because of market and government policies. Thus, you have to be vigilant and wise while selecting any specific career because a lot depends on how much you get paid.

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